Writing my way through the school year!

 I realize that many teachers are already on vacation, so this is for those of us who are still working our way to the end of the year. :) Or, you can always use it next year.



My class and I decided to mix poetry,(April is National Poetry Month),and tech when we made a card for the school secretary.

I suggested that this would also be a great idea to use with a Mother’s Day card.

They agreed!READ MORE…

The Importance of Good Principals” is the title of an article in the NY Times.

I’ve been told that I would make a good principal. I wouldn’t. I want to work with children, and I am not the most organized person in the world. You have to run an entire school, an entire school! Because I have taught for 30 years, I wanted to offer my insight into what I believe makes a good principal. I have been fortunate enough to have worked under some great ones.And while they may not have all the qualities I list, they have had many of them.READ MORE

The other day I was at a workshop and the presenter introduced a QR Code Treasure Hunt that he used in his middle school classroom.  He used it with his gifted kids.

One of the attendees asked if it could be used with any kids.

He responded it could, but he doesn’t use it with the “other” kids until later.

I wondered why he would need to wait until later, especially when using it with middle school kids.

I use QR codes with my 5th graders.READ MORE

photo credit: Дешевый телефон via photopin (license)

I wasn’t “feeling” observations, and this post popped into my head.


Spoiler Alert: Don’t take me seriously!:)

1. Create a lesson you will never use again.
It’s showtime! Create the ultimate lesson. Spend hours and hours creating the perfect 45 minute lesson. Make sure you have included all the strategies that are being used in that moment. Do things you usually don’t in your classroom, like, when no one is watching.READ MORE …

DIARY OF A PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER   Preview   It s a Small World   The Power of Twitter

Mariama is at Harvard in Massachusetts, and I am in Delaware.

We are over 300 miles away from each other.

We have never met.

Before Mariama tweeted this message, I did not know she existed.READ MORE...

I know it would make life much easier if I did.

Pull out the worksheets of all flavors;Reading, Writing, Math, mix in a Performance task.

Place them on their desks, one subject after another, hoping that when the BIG test comes, they can pass it, because they have been drilled, and drilled, and drilled.

Put them in labeled groups, those who will fly through the test, those who might pass, and those who don’t stand a chance.

“Teach” them based on where they fit in the “testing” spectrum.

No arts.

No Recess.

No engagement.

No fun.

Just test drills.

But, I can’t….READ MORE

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